There is no challenge more ominous to global business competitiveness than economic espionage. Economic espionage is a growing threat to shareholder value with current losses estimated at $2 billion a month.” ‐ Thomas Donahue, President, United States Chamber of Commerce

Corporate Espionage has become one of greatest threats to an organization. Aggressive competitors, organized crime groups and foreign governments are continuously seeking means to exploit weaknesses in company security protocols that protect a company’s assets and critical information. The theft of critical information can result in the loss of lucrative contracts, a reduction in competitive advantage, the publicizing of sensitive internal information, or the loss of trade secrets.

Perpetrators who criminally seek information operate in three ways:

1 – They will recruit insiders working inside the target company (often employees of the same nationality).
2 – They obtain intellegence through bribery, colusion, cyber intrusions, theft, obtaining discarded intellectual property, and clandestine surveillance.
3 – They will establish a busineses relationship with a target company with the sole malicious intent of gathering intellegence and trade secrets.

Price-Langevin & Associates will provide an evaluation of an organizations current security status as it relates to potential information loss and will identify areas at risk of information theft. Price-Langevin & Assocaites will detect the source of an information loss through employee evaluations, due dilligence inquiries on foreign competitors, and through the implementation of a Technical Surveillance Countermeasures program.