Policy & Procedural Compliance Investigations are conducted to ensure employees are following proper protocols, with the goal of mitigating potential losses as a result of crime or administrative error. We conduct compliance assessments to help a company determine whether its activities are compliant with the relevant laws and its own policies, and assist in creating and implementing appropriate compliance procedures where necessary. Assessment of staff compliance will determine if failure to follow proper protocols has opened the company to a target of crime, placed the company in a position of liability resulted in regulatory violations.

Discretion is paramount when dealing with matters of internal security and compliance. Price-Langevin & Associates has always maintained the respect of our clients by ensuring the confidentiality of their concerns.

When are Policy & Procedural Compliance Investigations applicable?

  • To determine cause of loss of productivity
  • To identify source of inventory shrinkage
  • In response to internal and external complaints
  • To Ensure compliance as part of a general loss prevention strategy

Case Study

A company responsible for delivering sensitive merchandise was experiencing an exceptional amount of product shortages during delivery. A Procedural Compliance Investigation determined the driver was not following company procedure and leaving loads exposed and unsecured during delivery. A group had identified the security gap and targeted the specific route. Subsequent re-training of the driver led to a drastic decrease in instances of theft.

Case Study

A company was experiencing a severe lack of productivity by an individual employee. A Policy Compliance Investigation determined that the employee was spending an inordinate amount of time using social net-working and adult websites using company computers during company time; a violation of company policy.

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