Fraud costs the insurance industry an estimated $1.3 to $2.6 billion annually.  From staged motor vehicle collisions, exaggerated or false claims, or arson, insurnace fraud has several forms.  The Insurance Bureau of Canada reports that more than 26% of all personal injury claims contain elements of fraud. In order to effectively combat Insurance Fraud, all areas of industry must work together, including the use of qualified third party investigators.

Price-Langevin & Associates Inc. has conducted thousands of investigations acting on behalf of both Property & Casualty Insurers and Life & Health Insurers, to help determine the integrity of claims and identify fraud. Our surveillance experts are elite in the industry, with decades of experience conducting surveillance operations on behalf of insurers. As suppliers of surveillance equipment to Law Enforcement and government agencies, Price-Langevin & Associates uses the most advanced surveillance equipment available, ensuring an expert product. Our Certified Fraud Examiners are highly qualified and experienced in conducting insurance fraud investigations and in conducting interviews on behalf of insurers.

Price-Langevin & Associates is the trusted resource for claims examiners, adjusters, Insurance SIU’s, and legal counsel.  We are pleased to offer the following services:


Property & Casualty Insurers

  •  Surveillance
  •  Interviews & Statements
  •  Statement Analysis
  •  Locate of claimants, witnesses or missing Insured parties
  •  Background Investigations
  •  Organized Insurance Crime Investigations
  •  Theft and Fire Loss Investigations
  •   Vehicle Import Fraud
  •   Financial Assessments
  •   Civil Recovery & Asset Locate Investigations


Life & Health Insurers

  •    Surveillance
  •    Field Interviews
  •    Statement Analysis
  •    Contestable Death Claims
  •    Sudden Disappearances
  •    Health Care Fraud