Interviews are conducted as part of a criminal investigation, civil litigation process, or as a claims management tool. The investigators conducting interviews are trained professionals with several years of experience conducting interviews on behalf of Law Enforcement Agencies, Government bodies, Insurance Companies, Corporate Security and Risk Management Departments.

Criminal Matter Interviews

Price-Langevin & Associates will conduct interviews as part of a corporate crime investigation. Interviews are conducted with the victim(s), witness(s) and accused(s), in anticipation of criminal prosecution. Interviews are conducted by seasoned professionals with years of law enforcement experience, and trained in Statement Analysis, Interview and Interrogation techniques. All interviews are video recorded and transcribed.

Civil Matter Interviews

As a litigation support tool, interviews are conducted with witnesses, victims and subject matter experts, to obtain actionable information in support of, or in defense of a civil action.

Field Investigation Interviews

Field Investigation Interviews are conducted by seasoned professionals acting on behalf of Insurance Claims Managers, Health & Safety Managers and Risk Managers. An interview is conducted with a claimant for the purpose of obtaining information about the persons injury or illness and their current status. Field Interviews will provide a complete oversight of the claimants lifestyle, how the injury/illness has affected their lives, current treatment and the claimants expectations of recovery.

Statement Analysis

Statement Analysis is used to examine a person’s words to identify concealed information, missing information, or to detect deception. Statement Analysis can be used as part of a internal investigation into an injury incident or violation of procedure, to analyze statements as part of a civil matter or to examine statements provided during a criminal investigation.

Internal Theft Investigations
Procedural Compliance Investigations
Insurance & Disability Claim Investigations