Price-Langevin & Associates is the foremost resource for professional surveillance operatives. As specialists in their field, our surveillance operatives provide diligent monitoring of an individual or of an organized group, in order to obtain relevant information and indisputable video evidence required in order for your organization to make well informed decisions.

Surveillance operations can be used to:

  • Obtain evidence in support of a civil action
  • Obtain evidence as part of a criminal investigation
  • Determine the validity of an Insurance Claim
  • Confirm compliance with a court order
  • Confirm compliance with corporate policy and procedures
  • As a counter-surveillance strategy

During all surveillance operations, our highly skilled surveillance operatives exercise the strategy of using extreme caution. We do not take risks and we ensure that our static surveillance locations and mobile surveillance techniques will not result in detection. As suppliers of surveillance and TSCM equipment to Law Enforcement and Government Agencies, Price-Langevin & Associates uses the most advanced surveillance equipment available, allowing operatives to obtain video surveillance in the most challenging circumstances. Surveillance video is always obtained in a lawful and ethical manner, respecting the subject’s right to privacy and following privacy legislation.

We believe that positive surveillance results are achieved through absolute preparedness. To ensure that investigators are prepared for every possible scenario and circumstance and that they are fully equipped at all times with the best equipment available.

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Procedural Compliance Investigations
Internal Theft Investigations