CCTV or Closed Circuit Video Systems are one of the most effective tools deployed by organizations worldwide in both preventing incidents as a deterrent and investigating incidents post event allowing effective analysis with a “bird’s eye view” to the event as it occurred. CCTV systems have become very popular leading to large amounts of research and development to bring to market video systems providing enhanced capabilities such as remote viewing worldwide, megapixel and high definition quality, and low light capabilities far exceeding the sensitivity of the human eye.

Our organization specializes in providing both the sales and installation of this equipment as well as custom design and integration services for specialized applications. Our equipment varies from micro covert technology to the design and installation of major corporate, casino and specialized law enforcement systems.

Video technology continues to evolve and has become the most effective investigation and management tool available to organizations and government.

Our CCTV and Access Controyl System services include:

* Design * Contract Supervision
* Specifications * System Maintenance
* Tender Developments * Service & Repairs
* Installations * Final Inspection and Commissioning

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