Information Security relates to the requirement to safeguard, store and destroy confidential or proprietary information in a secure manner to ensure it does not fall into hostile or competitor hands.

Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) surveys and Security Assessments are the most effective resources available to enterprises, corporations and government agencies for evaluating the current security status of their facility as it relates to information loss, and in detecting active clandestine recording devices. The survey includes a thorough electronic spectrum analysis and non-destructive technical examination of designated office areas, conference rooms, critical infrastructure, I.T. infrastructure, and executive residences to locate cladestine surveillance devices and identify vulnerabilities as it relates to information security. Upon completion of the security assessment a detailed report is provided identifying shortcomings, findings and detailed recommendations to reduce threats. Price-Langevin Associates Inc. will assist your organization in determining your exposure level and providing a program designed to combat these exposures.

When should a TSCM survey be conducted?

– Prior to, and during sensitive negotiations with a foreign state owned enterprise
– During sensitve labour negotiations
– During controversial or highly publicized litigation
– In advance of senitive negotations or meetings, including corporate annual general meetings
– If protected proprietary information has fallen into competitor hands
– During construction, and prior to the opening of any facility where sensitive information is kept or discussed
– At regular unscheduled intervals for any organization where the theft of sensitive or proprietary information could
have a severely negative impact on future operations or security

As a dealer for the most advanced technical counter-measures manufacturers, Price-Langevin & Associates Inc. maintains the most current and sophisticated technoligy available to combat the threat of information theft. Please contact us for further information on TSCM services and our technology.

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