Access Control Systems are the most effective tools deployed by organizations worldwide in controlling, restricting and preventing unauthorized access to facilities in general or to specific restricted areas within the larger organization.

Access Control or Card Access Systems, as they are commonly referred to, were originally designed by military organizations to separate operational areas and restrict areas by security authorization levels. Access systems have become very popular in both governments, corporate and high security residential applications in the last 20 years leading to enhanced research and development by many manufacturers. This research has lead to higher security card technology, biometric and retinal scan technology.

Access Control Systems not only act as a security deterrent, they also provide detailed tracking and area access information, and these systems can be utilized to control more than doors. They can control computer network access; alarm system access and even security vault verification in conjunction with combinations and pass codes.

Our organization specializes in providing both the sales and installation of this equipment as well as custom design and integration services for specialized applications.

Access Control technology continues to evolve and has become a very effective investigation and management tool available to organizations and government.

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