Alarm Detection Technology is the most effective method to provide continuous surveillance of a facility, area or space. The usage of alarm technology has continuously increased in the last 40 years to the point where 77 percent of business premises and 36 percent of residential dwellings reportedly have some form of deployed detection technology.

Alarm systems not only act as a deterrent in reducing the likelihood of a event occurring, they more importantly reduce the damage, loss and impact of an incident by dramatically reducing the amount of time intruders will remain at the event location, thereby protecting people and property.

Our organization specializes in providing both the sales and installation of this equipment as well as custom design and integration services for specialized applications. Our equipment varies from basic alarm detection systems to customized commercial systems. We also design and integrate covert detection systems and executive protection systems including remote panic pendants and executive protection detail custom wireless suitcase systems.

Alarm System Technology continues to be the most effective method to protect persons and property when utilized in conjunction with CCTV systems and human response procedures.

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