TSE- Tactical Support Equipment makes PL its Canadian Distributor

TSE Inc. (Tactical Support Equipment) has made Price-Langevin & Associates Inc it’s Canadian disbributor of surveillance and communications products. TSE provides reconnaissance, surveillance and radio communications equipment for use in military, law enforcement and Homeland Security operations.

TSE Inc. specializes in custom kits to meet mission-specific reconnaissance and surveillance needs to include long range reconnaissance, vehicle kits, and remote systems. Through its partnership with a host of companies, TSE Inc. has access to most items required for law enforcement and military reconnaissance and surveillance missions. Those items range from digital cameras and camcorders to hand-held SATCOM antennas. TSE Inc. can manufacture custom systems such as time delayed camera systems, monitoring stations, remote camera systems, brackets, mounts, and power adapters. TSE Inc.-manufactured products are battle tested and have served US military forces to include Marines, Navy, Air Force and US Army conventional and special operations forces in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

We look forward to providing our clients with superior products from TSE (Tactical Support Equipment) Inc.