Dynamic and Tactical Communication Training

Dynamic and Tactical Communication Training

Workplace violence is a serious issue that affects all businesses and their staff. Wherever people interact in the workplace, there’s a potential for violence. 

We provide a seminar to equip you with the skills to prevent workplace violence. 

Participants will learn the following from the seminar:

  • How to effectively communicate with co-workers, customers, and the public.
  • How to diffuse a potentially volatile encounter.
  • How to communicate with potentially violent individuals in the work place.
  • How to gain compliance through tactical communication.
  • How to mediate disputes.

Our seminar follows these three phases:

Education Phase
Participants will receive practical theory about tactical communication skills, how to prevent the escalation of a potentially volatile situation, and the psychological aspect of coping with aggression.

Reality-Based Training Phase
Reality-based training scenarios will be run, allowing participants to practice learned techniques safely. Instructors simulate potentially violent scenarios that can be customized to the requirements of your organization.

Debrief Phase
At the end of each scenario, participants are encouraged to share their experience, and given constructive feedback from instructors and other participants.

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